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Run Saba, Run!

Age: 7+ | Price: INR 299

Run Saba, Run! is an illustrated storybook for children. It is an adventurous journey of Saba and Kabir written with the hope of shattering little myths regarding sports played by persons with blindness and encouraging diversity and inclusion in the blossoming young minds of today.  

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Flowers for Sunaina

Age: 6+ | Price: INR 199

In an inclusive society, one that values every single person in it, labels must represent our diverse-abilities, not our dis-abilities. These diverse abilities are a part of being human, a normal part of life. The dialogue around this diversity is often avoided and labelled taboo for our children. Through stories that celebrate our diversity we can create an inclusive world for everyone. Technology and medicine has eased the lives of so many of us, but what we really need to make our world a better place for everyone is a kinder, more understanding society. Let’s share more, play together more, read together more, get to know each other.

Flowers for Sunaina is our small attempt to help children enjoy and embrace the diversity all around them.

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Look Out, Look Within

Age: 5 + | Price: INR 299

Look Out, Look Within – a children’s illustrated storybook celebrates the friendship of two little girls, both wonderful and special in their very own right. Mia is unable to see the world with her eyes but explores it with her super senses of being able to touch, hear, feel and smell. Anya, her best friend, enjoys learning about the world in an amusing and different way thanks to Mia. The book opens their world of fun and learning to read.

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Braille Tactile Alphabet Books

Tactabet – a one-of-its-kind Braille – Tactile Alphabet book for children in both English and Hindi. The alphabet books enable integrated and fun learning for both – visually impaired kids and those with low vision. The dismal quality of Braille printing has been a crucial topic of discussion. With Tactabet, we have used Poly-Braille technology that facilitates the permanent nature of the dots and the tactile outlines of images.